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ADR Industry Launches Undergraduate Essay Writing Competition

The Judicial/ADR Liaison Committee, facilitated by Dispute Resolution Ombudsman and Civil Mediation Council have launched an Undergraduate ADR Essay Writing Competition to allow law undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a career in ADR to gain valuable experience with some of the leading organisations in the sector. The lucky winner and runners-up of the competition will be offered exciting professional opportunities at one of the following organisations;

Brick Court Chambers

Bill Wood QC, one of the UK’s leading commercial mediators is delighted to offer an observership at a commercial mediation taking place in London. The observer will discuss the case with Bill in advance, read the case materials, and accompany him on the day of the mediation in the discussions with the parties and any joint sessions that take place. The observer will have a chance to discuss the day’s developments and challenge with Bill and if agreement in principle is reached, they will be able to work with Bill in “putting the agreement to bed.“ The observer will have to undertake a duty of confidentiality in relation to their involvement and their participation is subject to the express agreement of the parties to the mediation (usually readily forthcoming). If the meetings take place remotely, then the observer will participate online in the same way and have the same opportunities for private discussion with Bill.

Civil Mediation Council

The CMC is pleased to offer to one of those placed 1st – 4th in the Judicial/ ADR Liaison Committee’s facilitated Essay Writing Competition 2022; two days observation of a commercial mediator in action. You will spend two separate days shadowing two different CMC accredited mediators as they work to resolve a commercial dispute. This will give real insight into how a mediation works, an opportunity to see different mediation styles in action and give the successful candidates the chance to ask and learn from two leading commercial mediators. Mediations take place around the UK and there is flexibility in locations and dates.

Dispute Resolution Ombudsman (DRO)

The independent, not-for-profit organisation specialising in ADR is pleased to offer one of the winners a placement over a one-week duration. Placements are sought-after at the government approved, voluntary Ombudsman scheme by those considering a career in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Clerksroom mediation

David Isbister of Clerksroom mediation looks forward to offering an observation at one of his mediations. David tends to get selected for contentious trust, probate and TLATA disputes because of his background as a private client lawyer.

The observation will either be in-person or online (depending on the mediation and location). During the mediation David will take the observer through the mediation process and will discuss the issues in dispute before it starts and its progress throughout the day, he will also answer any questions the observer may have.

To be eligible to win one of these unique exciting professional placements, essay entries of 1,500 words should be submitted on the topic The Impact of Covid-19 on the on the development of ADR in the UK’ by the 21st of April 2022. The judging panel is comprised of Rebecca Clark, Deputy Chair at the Civil Mediation Council and Kevin Grix, CEO and Chief Ombudsman at the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman.

“Covid -19 has had a significant impact, one way or another, on most industries and as we continue to work through the pandemic, it’s key that we reflect upon the innovative ways the ADR sector has transformed its technology, working practices and corporate culture in response to the ‘new normal’ said Grix.

“Making these work experience placements available is a unique way for undergraduates to gain valuable insight into these new strategies and tools and we wish all of the entrants the best of luck.”

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