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Dispute Resolution for Lowell UK Shared Services Limited

Dispute resolution for Lowell UK Shared Services Limited

Since 1st May 2019, Dispute Resolution Ombudsman has provided an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for consumers who are in dispute with Lowell Financial.

Dispute Resolution Ombudsman is a full member of the Ombudsman Association and approved by CTSI under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.

How can we help?

If you are in dispute with Lowell Financial and you have been unable to resolve your complaint directly with them, you can refer your case to us. We will conciliate between yourself and Lowell which will involve assessing the facts and reaching a decision.

When can we help?

It is important that you first follow Lowell’s complaints process prior to submitting a case to us. We will be required to signpost you back to Lowell if a case is received before you have done this.

The Ombudsman will accept your complaint if;

  • You have been contacted by Lowell to advise that they have purchased a debt you are liable for.
  • You have been through Lowell’s in-house complaints procedure. Please note that we are unable to start an investigation into your complaint until you and Lowell have had a proper chance to try and resolve the issues yourselves.

You must have exhausted the business’s in-house complaints process, or 28 days must have lapsed since the date of your first complaint (whichever is the sooner) for us to open a case file.


  • You must refer your complaint within 12 months of receiving the business’s final offer of settlement or response to your complaint.

When are we unable to help?

We are unable to investigate your complaint if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • You have not directly had contact with Lowell nor are acting on behalf of a party that has.
  • Your complaint is not made as a consumer.
  • Your complaint is being, or has been dealt with by a Court or another tribunal/Ombudsman scheme.
  • You refer your complaint to the Ombudsman more than 12 months after you receive Lowell’s final offer of settlement or answer.

What can you expect from us?

Your complaint will be assessed on an impartial basis and the service is free for you to use.

It will be investigated by one of our team members who collectively hold legal and professional qualifications in Alternative Dispute Resolution and have between them, amassed several years of experience in law and resolving consumer disputes.

Any decision we make, if accepted by you, will be binding upon Lowell.


Not everyone is entitled to claim compensation and the following is a general outline of the approach taken by the Ombudsman.

  • Compensation (or “damages”) that is designed to compensate for actual losses. We can make a maximum award of up to £10,000 in a particular case.
  • Recommendations. We may recommend that Lowell issue a letter of apology, for example.
  • Gestures of goodwill, for example to recognise a lapse in service.

The Ombudsman will make an award based on what we think you are entitled to. We do not automatically improve on any previous offers made and may award less in some cases.

It is common for the Ombudsman to ask for evidence to back up any claim, and the absence of supporting evidence may result in no award being made.

Please note that we cannot compel Lowell to remove a default from your credit file unless we find it to be unsound, unsafe or otherwise.

How to raise a complaint

We would initially recommend that you read our Consumer Guide

You can then raise your dispute via our secure online complaint portal here Raise a Dispute - Dispute Resolution Ombudsman

If you would prefer to download our application form, you can do that here. Once it has been completed you are able to email this back together with your supporting documents to or post it to us at the following address;

Dispute Resolution Ombudsman, Premier House, First Floor, 1-5 Argyle Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2AD

Our Consumer and Member Services team can be contacted for advice regarding our application process on 0333 241 3209. Please note that this is not a general advice line and specific advice may be able to provided by Citizens Advice on 0800 144 8848.


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