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Dispute Resolution for Music Licensing

Music Licensing

From the 1st February 2020, Dispute Resolution Ombudsman will provide alternative dispute resolution services for the music licensing company PPL PRS Ltd, PPL and Performing Right Society Limited (t/a PRS for Music).

What can we help with

Please see below for more details of the types of complaints we can deal with:

PPL PRS Ltd licenses businesses and other organisations for the playing or performing of music in public in the UK. Dispute Resolution Ombudsman can investigate complaints about PPL PRS Ltd from its customers. This may include complaints about their customer service, or if you believe you have been charged incorrectly for TheMusicLicence.

PRS for Music
Licensing: We can investigate complaints from music licensing customers of PRS for Music. This may include complaints about customer service or if you believe they have not licensed you correctly.

Membership: We can also investigate complaints from members of PRS for Music. This may include complaints about customer service, or if you believe PRS for Music has failed to deal with you fairly, professionally or in a transparent manner, or has otherwise failed to deal with you in accordance with its Code of Conduct.

Please note that some complaint types fall outside of Dispute Resolution Ombudsman’s jurisdiction. These include:

  • Licensing complaints where some form of action under civil or criminal law is already underway, or which relate to licensing tariffs, terms and conditions or any other matter that is within the jurisdiction of the Copyright Tribunal;
  • PRS membership complaints where another dispute resolution or regulatory proceeding is underway or may be more appropriate, or which relate to PRS for Music’s commercial policies, including policies governing the distribution of royalties to members


PPL is the UK’s music licensing company for over 115,000 performers and recording rightsholders. It licenses the use of recorded music when it is broadcast on TV/radio and online, or when it is copied by music suppliers for inclusion in services such as in-store music systems, and then distributes the music licensing royalties it collects to the performers and recording rightsholders it represents.

The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman can investigate customer service complaints from PPL members and from PPL’s broadcast or music supplier licensees. (For complaints about licensing of recorded music when it is played in public, please refer to PPL PRS Ltd, the joint venture between PPL and PRS for Music which administers this area of licensing.)

When we can help

Dispute Resolution Ombudsman can usually only consider a complaint if you have been through the relevant music licensing company’s complaints procedure in full. If you have done this and have been unable to agree a satisfactory resolution to your complaint, then you may be eligible to raise this with us.

How to raise your complaint

The quickest way to raise your dispute is via our website, utilising our secure portal. To do this click the button below:

Raise your complaint here

Should you prefer, you can download a copy of the Complaint Application Form, this can be returned to us via email or by post.


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You can contact our Consumer and Member Services team on 0333 241 3209. They will happily talk you through how the service works and post or email you the relevant forms.


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