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Independent Inspection

An Independent report on the product or installation in question

Independent Inspection

Independent Inspections

At times, parties involved in a dispute need a little extra help in order to reach a resolution. If you are in dispute with a business that is not a member of the Ombudsman, we can provide inspections services.

There are a range of inspections that consumers can commission so as to provide evidence to back up their case.

Please note that if the business is a full member of The Ombudsman, then we are unable to carry out this service as our full alternative dispute resolution service is available to parties in this instance.

Gold Inspection

What is a Gold Inspection?

This court compliant report is designed to provide an independent assessment of a product and/or service to ensure that both parties know what the problems are and whether there is a valid complaint. This is a technical opinion in relation to the goods and/or service carried out and is not a decision on the entitlement that either party may have from a legal point of view. It will identify any defects or faults and give an opinion as to how/why those issues may have occurred. Each report contains digital images of the item in order to illustrate any faults found. Where possible the report will equip the parties with the possible solutions available in order to make cost effective repairs and the number of estimated hours involved in doing so. Inspections are prepared by consultants selected from a pool of trusted independent experts located throughout the UK. Each consultant prepares the report in preparation for use in Dispute Resolution or where required - formal litigation before the court.

What will the report do

It will identify any defects or faults and give an opinion as to how/why those issues may have occurred. It will also suggest possible remedial works that may be necessary along with an estimate of the number of hours it would take to carry out the required works.

Types of products the inspection can used for

All furniture, fitted kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, installations and general home improvements.

Cost of this report

Price based on individual quotation. Approximately £350-£700



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