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Dispute Resolution for DGCOS, HICS or HIES

From 1st November 2019 Dispute Resolution Ombudsman has provided an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for DGCOS, HICS or HIES.

Dispute Resolution Ombudsman is a full member of the Ombudsman Association and approved by CTSI under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.

When we can help?

It is important that you first give the business, and then the Scheme Provider an opportunity to fully investigate and respond to your complaint.

The Ombudsman will accept your complaint if the following steps have been taken;

  • You have complained to the business and have been provided with their final response
  • It has been 12 weeks since your first complaint and you are not satisfied with the response you have had to date (you may be asked to evidence this)
  • You have been through the Scheme Provider’s mediation process (if applicable)

How we can help?

The Ombudsman can help if:

  • Your complaint is with a business that is registered with DGCOS, HICS or HIES.
  • The work was carried out during their period of registration with DGCOS, HICS or HIES during the ADR process.
  • Your claim is for less than £10,000 (this does not include the purchase price of the goods/services).
  • Your complaint is not being, or has not been dealt with by a court or another tribunal.

What can’t we help with?

The Ombudsman cannot help if:

  • Your complaint is against a trader who has entered administration, liquidation or who has ceased trading.
  • Your complaint is not made as a private individual.
  • Your complaint is being, or has been, dealt with by a Court or another tribunal/Ombudsman scheme.
  • You have accepted a resolution via a Scheme Provider’s ADR/Mediation service in full and final settlement of the dispute or entered a binding ADR process, such as arbitration.
  • You refer your complaint to the Ombudsman more than 12 months after you received the Registered Businesses final response letter.

What can you expect from us?

Your complaint will be assessed on an impartial basis and the service free for you to use.

It will be investigated by one of our team members who collectively hold legal and professional qualifications in Alternative Dispute Resolution and have between them amassed several years of experience in law and resolving complex consumer disputes.

Any decision we make, if accepted by you will be binding upon the business.

How to raise your complaint

We would initially recommend that you read our Consumer Guide

The fastest and most efficient way of doing this is online, via our secure portal – Click Here

You can also ring DRO’s Consumer and Member Services team on 0333 241 3209 to discuss alternative methods of raising your dispute and obtain further information about our service.


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