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What sort of complaints can we not look at?

Your complaint is not against a business registered with the Ombudsman

Your complaint is against a business who has entered administration, liquidation or who has ceased trading

Your complaint is not made as a private individual, for example, we cannot look at purchases made through trade accounts or any business losses incurred – e.g loss of rent from tenants

Your complaint is relates to personal injury or medical claims

Your complaint is being, or has been, dealt with by a court or similar body

Your claim is for more than £10,000 - this does not include the purchase price of the goods/services that were bought. So, for example you might seek to claim a refund of the purchase price (which might exceed £10,000) and compensation (which must not exceed £10,000)

You refer your complaint to the Ombudsman more than 12 months after you receive the business’ final offer of settlement or answer

If you have already accepted an offer from the business for the same issues.

We cannot look at finance or credit agreements

Claims which are considered to be frivolous or vexatious

We are not able to consider claims for work where you have paid the registered business’s fitter directly

If we refuse or are unable to consider a dispute that has been submitted to us, we will endeavour to notify both the consumer and the business in writing within 21 days of receiving the complaint file. In doing so we will set out the grounds for our decision.


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